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Epsom salt

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For the relief of occasional constipation. For the relief of pain from sprains, bruises and boils. Can also be used for foot baths, and relieving sore muscles or just relaxing.

Epsom Salt, also known as magnesium sulphate is commonly used in the bath as bath salts as it is said to ease stress, flush out toxins, helps ease migraines plus other benefits. You can also use epsom salts for treating aching muscles, sports injuries, foot baths, relieve sore muscles and for just relaxing. There are numerous benefits to using Epsom salts including stress relief, flushing out toxins, and an improvement in circulation. This is because stress drains magnesium out of the body, thus using Epsom salts can restore these levels. Epsom salts also help to reduce irregular heartbeats thus lowering blood pressure.

Directions for use: Take by the mouth for constipation Adults, the Elderly and Children over 12 years: Take 1 to 3 x5ml spoonfuls (95-15g) dissolved in 250ml of water as required. Do not give internally to children under 12 years old. . For external use: Adults dissolve 1 tablespoon in a small cup of warm water. Apply to affected area with cotton wool or lint.


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