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Fresubin protein

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Fresubin Protein Energy is ready to drink and provides an energy distribution of 27% protein, 40% fat and 33% carbohydrate. It can be used for complete or supplementary nutrition for the dietary management of patients with or at risk of disease related malnutrition in particular with increased protein and energy needs or fluid restrictions.

Dosage: To be determined by a health care professional according to patients’ needs.
Recommendation for supplementary nutrition; 2–3 bottles (600–900 kcal)/day or complete nutrition 4–5 bottles (1200– 1500 kcal)/day.
Important notes: To be used under medical supervision. Suitable as sole source of nutrition.
If used for complete nutrition consider high protein level. Not suitable for children < 3 years. Use with caution in children < 6 years. Not suitable for patients with galactosaemia. Ensure adequate fluid and electrolyte intake.

Instruction for use: Store at room temperature. Opened bottles may be stored in a refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Shake well before use. Drink slowly! Best


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